What's For Lunch? (W/C 10/09)

This Tuesday will see Big Boy have his first full day at School, which Tops and I think counts as a special day so we have two special lunches this week!

Monday - Cheese Rolls

Last week I was rather cheeky and got the children to eat Gouda without them realising there was anything different (those eagle eyed of you might have noticed some Orange Babybel in the lunches last week on Facebook and now I know that they don't complain if they don't know it's opened a whole new world of cheese for lunches!

Hidden Orange Babybel

Tuesday - Hot Dog Bento

It's a special lunch today (as it's Big Boy's first full day at School) and so I'm making him and Top Ender a Hot Dog Bento, you'll have to look on Facebook for a sneak peak at about 8am and back here around 9am for a full on how to post!

Wednesday - Chicken Pasta

I used to love having my Mums pasta for lunch at School and as Big Boy and Top Ender both have some rather lovely lunchtime cutlery it would be a shame if they didn't use it at least once a week. Plus this is really quick to make and I need quick as I have to start to make Fridays lunch today as I can't make it tomorrow!

Thursday - Ham and Crackers

Big Boy loves home made Ham and Cracker packs and so I thought that Thursday would be a good day for him and Top Ender to have them, I'm away in London with Blog Camp so I might even take a set for me to eat on the train with all the cupcakes I'm going to accidentally put in my bag!

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch... And Big Boy's Too!

Well this week I'm going to remember to do a proper special lunch and not forget and leave things in the freezer like I did last week. This week it is a pizza, but wait until you see what is being done to make these pizzas extra special and Friday lunch worthy!

Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too! Logo

Are you back into the swing of making packed lunches for the week or are you looking for more inspiration? I'll be sharing my planners next week so that you can see how I make sure that lunches are different, fun and a good balance but I'm always on the look out for ideas, so let me know if there are some lunches you love to eat or pack!

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