Top Ender Has New Boots!

Everybody knows that Top Ender is going to be a fashion designer when she is older. She tells everyone, and answers all questions with a statement about how she is going to live in Paris, have a fashion house and design clothes; Even if the question was something like "Do you like Oranges?". At the last parents evening at least five minutes of our appointment was spent discussing Top Ender's future and even in a recent Parents Welcome Assembly she managed to sneak in a reference to her future career!

There are hundreds of sketches all over the house of dresses, tops, trouser suits, skirts, shoes, handbags, dog clothes, cat clothes, children's clothes and she does have a couple of verbal orders for wedding dresses, so I do think that she will one day live her dream and keep me in the manner in which I'm sure I could get very used to very quickly! The problem is when you are on a tight budget and you have a fashionista for a daughter, you can rarely keep everyone happy. Luckily I do manage to hunt out a few bargains to keep Tops happy and she loves using accessories to complete her outfit. At the moment that is mainly hats and boots and she and Big Boy will walk happily team up to expand their own collections of hats!

Top Ender Wearing a Hat

M&M Direct often send me emails with different products on offer and by chance an email from their PR Team had a pair of boots in that caught Top Ender's eye, Cutie Patent Chelsea Boots. So I asked if they would like Top Ender reviewing them and they agreed and sent a pair out. To say Top Ender was thrilled would be an understatement, she has been wearing them almost non stop since they arrived and with a variety of outfits and making me take pictures so that she can keep a record of what her outfit choices look like!

Top Ender's Boots from M&M Direct

As you can see the boots are a cute ankle boot and shiny (they are patent) which Tops loves, as do I really as it means I don't have to polish them only give them a good wipe. Tops wasn't used to not having a close fit around her ankles to start with but she quickly got used to them. The sole of the shoe is quite thick, but light at the same time which is great as they will last a while but aren't too uncomfortable for Tops to wear for long periods.

Top Ender loves the boots and at £19.99 they are a price that even Top Ender could save up her weekly pocket money with the intention to buy the boots without getting too despondent about how long it was taking and even Santa might agree to add a similar pair to his Sleigh this year

We were sent a pair of boots to review.

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