I Can't Wait

Top Ender has been staying with my Mum for a couple of nights, she and my Mum are really close thanks in part to my Mum having looked after Tops whilst Daddy and I went to work after Tops was born, partly because they are similar sorts of people and well the rest I guess is because they are family. I used to go and stay with my Grandparents during the holiday, it was a treat for us to be with them 24/7 as of course as most grandparents do they spoil their grandchildren rotten, let them stay up late and feed them what they like too.

It's quiet in the house without Tops, too quiet in fact. Tops never stops singing, humming or talking and I know that she gets two of those from me but I do it internally an don't make half as much noise as she does even when she is being quiet! We've kept in touch with daily phone calls, which have mostly been to say Goodnight and to check that she didn't want to come home early. We've been sending text messaging to each other at various points during the day (she took her mobile phone with her, she loves her mobile) about what she is doing, what she has eaten, what she's watched on TV and more in her case asking me to record TV programmes for her to watch when she gets back.

I decided to give Tops a break and to tidy up her room for her. We'd already discussed what she was going to get rid of, what she could pass on to School or other children and she should have done this herself over the last few weeks but in typical Top Ender fashion she has procrastinated to the point where I've had to take over... come to think of it I'm pretty sure that's why she went away as she knew I would do her room for her!

Top Enders Room

Daddy and I have been hard at work adding a few little extras to her room to make it a little more grown up and a little more her. There's a new shelf next to her bed for her to put her mobile phone on. A new clock that she saw in a magazine and decided that she would ask for someone to buy it for her for Christmas. A new light above her bed so she can read at night without the main light being on, a new bin and her old curtains have been dyed a brighter (and darker) pink, which gives her room a red/pink glow when the sun rises. I can't wait for her to get home and to notice and to know that even though our attention has been on BB a bit more over the last few weeks with all the diabetes stuff that she is still important to us and that she is still Our Girl.

Big Boy has of course missed Top Ender. He adores her and tries to do everything that she can do and tries to do everything that he can do to impress her. The four year age gap sometimes seems a little big, but I can see that it doesn't matter that they love each other and appreciate each other for who they are. BB has loved talking to Top Ender on the phone, the smile that he gets talking to her as she asks him what he has done or if he watched his favourite cartoon just show how close the two of them are and it makes me feel so happy that I'm raising siblings as friends too.

Top Ender and Big Boy

It's been brilliant just being BB and me during the day and with Daddy at night. It's a chance for me to get my last little bit of time with him before he becomes a School Boy. The last chance for me to sniff in his smell as he cuddles in after lunch to watch a cartoon before we go out to the garden for a run around. It's the last chance for it to be just me and him and a chance to experience what it would have been like if we had had him first. If he had been an only child for four years instead of Top Ender. BB has loved the two on one attention, he's so funny and smart and yes he is still as cheeky and demanding but he is still my lovely little boy too and I'm glad we've had this time together.

In a couple of hours we go and get Top Ender. We'll go back to being a four person family and I can't wait.

Our Family having Fun

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