What's For Lunch? (W/C 03/09)

This week is the beginning of the end. This Wednesday sees Big Boy starting school, sure enough he won't be eating lunch there this Wednesday but he's going to be eating there soon. Still it does mean that I get to play Brilliant Mummy again with some lovely fun lunches.

Monday - Chicken Wraps

We're starting the week on a normal lunch. We need to get back in the habit of not only making the lunches in the morning instead of when we are just about to eat them, but also we need to start using up our leftovers again!

A not yet rolled Chicken wrap

Tuesday - Toasted Cheese Sandwich

I'm pretty sure that my memories are incorrect and that I didn't live on toasted cheese sandwiches when I was at University nor did I only eat them whilst I was a teenager (there was some pasta too) living at home and doing my A Levels, but back to school always makes me think of Toasties, so that's what our last at home lunch of the Summer Holidays is going to be. Now to only not cry whilst making them.

Wednesday - Ham Roll

I have a few cherry tomatoes in the fridge that were going to be used in Tuesdays evening meal. As I know I won't use all of them, I'll put some in Top Enders lunch box for today and BB and I will share some too. I love having Ham and Tomato (with a little bit of salt) as I think that it tastes divine and I'm hoping that the Children will agree.

A Ham Roll

Thursday - Frittata

During the holidays I made a Frittata with pasta, various vegetables and I'm pretty sure I included some ham. It's been wrapped up and put in the freezer so that on days like today I can whip it out, defrost it overnight and heat it up to keep warm in Tops and BB's thermos Bento Lunch box. If I hadn't put pasta in the dish then I could have been tempted to make rice to go with it, but as it is they will just have to have fruit to go with it.

Friday - Top Enders Friday Lunch

As today is the first Friday of the School Year and of the Month we have to have a special Friday lunch. It's one of top Enders ideas from the end of the last term as we sat down together and came up with a few ideas about different themes she might like. I'm also hoping that by now I'll know what themes both Big Boy and Top Ender are having at School so that I can plan some of their Friday lunches around those!

Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too! Logo

Are you back to School this week? Do you have a lunch box plan for the week or are you going to look and see what is in the fridge each morning? This week I'm posting my spreadsheets that help me keep everything nice and balanced so keep an eye out for it!

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