What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 29/09)

So last week a few changes happened to our dinner menu. Daddy was out on Wednesday night and so the children and I decided that we would rather have Mince with Yorkshire Puddings instead of Spaghetti Bolognese, we ended up having a takeaway on Saturday instead of Pizza and on Sunday we ended up having Roasted Chicken and Chips because we had to call an Ambulance out after I decided to to remove one of my fingers... So on to this week!

Saturday - Anniversary Dinner

It's mine and Daddy's wedding anniversary today. We've been married for eleven years and so we are either going to go out and have dinner together (either Red Hot World Buffet or maybe the local Beefeater) whilst some unsuspecting relative babysits for us and if we can't con find anyone to help out the childcare front then we will hide the children in their bedrooms and have a takeaway! We will treat the children to a take away either way as they have been absolute darlings this week (for the most part).

Sunday - Roast Chicken

This week I will try not to cut my finger off whilst preparing the vegetables...

Monday - Lasagne

This is Top Ender's favourite meal and Daddy loves it when he gets to take leftovers to work with him the next day, so he's going to love this. I'm going to make two today so that I can put one in the freezer for use on a later date as it's easier that way.

Tuesday - Jacket Potatoes

Last week I had Prawns in Plum Sauce on top of my Jacket Potato, whilst the rest of the family went down the traditional Beans and Cheese route. I'm thinking that this week I'll go for some leftover Roast Chicken from Sunday with some Sweetcorn. Daddy and I are also going out tonight to the theatre so Daddy and I will be indulging in some ice-cream at intermission!

Prawns Jacket Potato

Wednesday - Cod and Chips

With Daddy having to eat Gluten free we can only ever buy Take Away Fish and Chips on a Sunday or a Monday from a localish Fish and Chip Shop. The thing is because of the cost of travelling to this Fish and Chip Shop and the higher price of this Fish and Chip Shop we can't really eat it all that often and I really love Fish and Chips so I thought I would make some at home today. It's really unhealthy because I am going to fry it, but a little bit of what you fancy does you good.

Thursday - Pizza

What can I say? It's Pizza, it's quick and it's tasty!

Friday - Bangers and Mash

All the family love Sausages and with Marks and Spencer Sausages being such a bargain of a price and Gluten Free it would be a shame not to take advantage, buy them and make one of the best meals in the world. I'm going to make an onion gravy to go with the Sausages and Mash which everyone apart from Big Boy will have as Big Boy doesn't do gravy.

So that's the meals for this week, not too bad budget wise or health wise (well apart from that battered fried Cod) but I am going to really have to push myself with the exercise to make sure that my winter diet doesn't add any more meat to my bones than is strictly necessary!

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