Red Hot World Buffet - My Mum Is Going To Move In!

The other night when my Mum and I were going to the theatre we decided that we would make a night of it and go for a meal first. As if Red Hot World Buffet had read our minds, they asked if we wouldn't like to go and have a meal on them and let you know the good, the bad and the downright tasty aspects. Being big fans of Red Hot, we of course said YES and I booked a table for 6pm on the Monday, leaving the family at home with some Sausage Casserole.

My Mum has been to Red Hot a few times, and we were shown to our table next to the window that overlooks part of the Theatre District. As soon as we were sat down our drinks order was taken (Diet Coke for my Mum, Lemonade for me) and we were told to go and help ourselves as soon as we were ready. As the restaurant didn't know that I was reviewing them, I thought it best to only take a few pictures surreptitiously (ooh look at me I even spelt it right first time!).

The first thing I noticed was that the different dishes not only had their names next to them, but also stated if they were suitable for Vegetarians (that would be the big green V you can see there) and some had a GF logo in the corner too, which means people like Daddy who eat Gluten Free could easily see what they could eat quite safely.

Gluten Free and Vegetarian Dishes at Red Hot World Buffet

The thing that I love best about Red Hot World Buffet is that if you want to have a bit of Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine all on one plate you can do. Or of course you can go for your favourites from all of these different menus.

Have What You Fancy At Red Hot World BuffetHave What You Fancy At Red Hot World Buffet

My Mum and I did just that, both choosing foods that caught our eye, foods we hadn't tried before, foods we loved and never made ourselves and even foods we don't normally eat. We actually made complete pigs of ourselves, mainly because neither of us had eaten all day and only a little bit because sometimes you can't stop eating when you are at a buffet serving such a variety of food.

I'm pretty sure that if we didn't have theatre tickets my Mum would have quite happily stayed in the restaurant all night sampling the different dishes. I felt a little sick at how much I had eaten, but my Mum kept going up for more!

I did eventually manage to get her to stop eating the main courses and steer her in the direction of the puddings. I know from previous visits that I love the Apple Crumble that they make, especially because you can pour custard all over it and that is just what I did. My Mum on the other hand went for slices of fruit and a few different slices of cake. She had decided that she wanted to try everything she fancied and nothing was going to stop her!

Pudding at Red Hot World BuffetPudding at Red Hot World Buffet

The thing that you have to remember when going to Red Hot is that you aren't going for a silver service meal. This is a buffet of world foods and it is mass produced, so when you go to the sweet and sour Pork you might find that somebody has already gone through the dish and fished out all the pork leaving you with bits of pineapple, but it's not really that much of a big deal as the food is soon replenished and you can get what you want then.

If you are like me and my Mum and love a little bit of all cuisines then Red Hot is perfect and you'll have a great time trying different foods, eating your favourites and possibly discovering some new ones. Whilst the staff are polite and prompt don't go expecting anything more than that or you will leave feeling disappointed. Oh and if you do go soon have some of the Apple Crumble for me!

Our meal was paid for by Red Hot World Buffet, but as I've said we've been plenty of times before and we do love the place. 

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