Top Ender's Friday Lunch - Hello Kitty Pizza

I was really excited about lunch today. So much so that after Aqua last night I went to the shop to buy the ingredients I had forgot at the weekend and found myself skipping round Tesco in anticipation. I even got up super early and instead of going to the gym made pizza. Hello Kitty Pizza.

Hello Kitty Pizza

Ignore the pizza to the right, that's Big Boy's Toad Pizza which you can read about in his Lunch post!

So, the Hello Kitty Pizza is really easy to make. Make Pizza dough, (or like me buy a pack from the Fridges in Tesco that is reduced because it has a sell by date of the next day) and then shape in to the classic Hello Kitty/Cat face shape. Spread pizza sauce over the pizza, sprinkle cheese, add a pineapple nose, some stripes  for whiskers and eyes (Aubergine) add a ham bow to her ear and you are done!

Hello Kitty Pizza

How adorable right? Tops has actually only got half the pizza to eat at lunch as it's rather a thick base having "swelled" up in the oven more than I anticipated. She had to see the pizza before I cut it so her surprise lunch was a little early today, but she said; 

"Wow! That's a cool Hello Kitty Pizza!"

So I'll take that as a brilliant response for a brilliant Friday lunch.

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