What We Are Eating This Week (15/09)

At the moment Daddy isn't "feeling" food. He doesn't fancy anything for dinner and he isn't suggesting meals. I'm not sure if he is coming down with something or if he just isn't fancying food because he is having changes in his body from the exercise he is doing. Anyway it means that I'm having to come up with everything on my own, so we are back to basics!

Saturday - Hot Dog Spaghetti

We had this what seems like ages ago, but it is a proper people pleaser. Who doesn't like hot dogs and Spaghetti? I'm only going to cook a few pieces of spaghetti in the hot dogs as I'm rather eager to try colouring the spaghetti into different colours as I've seen on Pinterest so frequently in the last few days.

Sunday - Roast Chicken

Sunday=Roast Chicken here. I think that I make a rather lovely roast and I am always careful with the portions so that BB, Tops, Daddy and I get a treat and we don't make BB's sugar level go too high! We are using the last of our potatoes (for real this time) but I must remember to get some Goose Fat as I do like the way they crisp up the potatoes!

Monday - Sausage and Bean Casserole

I love Sausage and Bean Casseroles, and as the rest of the family wolfed this down the last time we had it I'm thinking that this is going to be a lovely family meal. Plus as I'm out in the afternoon taking my Mum to the hospital it can cook away on it's own so that it's all ready before my Mum and I go out to the theatre.

Sausage and Bean Casserole

Tuesday - Jungle Junction Twitter Party Tea

We're having a little party tonight and having a Jungle Junction themed party tea. There will be pizzas (which I had decided on before they were suggested by the PR Team!), fruit, cake and a little surprise that wouldn't be out of place in a Top Ender and Big Boy Friday Lunch box! Daddy won't be home until the end of the party so I think that he might cheat and grab something at work.

Wednesday - Hot Smoked Mackerel and Prawn Risotto

I'm stealing and adapting this from the Fish Is The Dish website as they do have some lovely recipes on the website plus I love Smoked Mackerel and Prawns. You know I'm thinking with Daddy not feeling food at the minute it's actually doing me a benefit as I get to have my favourite foods!

Thursday - Chicken Nuggets and Chips

I quite like making Chicken Nuggets and I know that the children love them as much as I do. I'm going to make a couple of sauces to go with them for Daddy and I, Sweet Chilli for Daddy and Lemon for me as I can pretend then that they are actually Lemon Chicken pieces from the Chinese!

Friday - Mince and Onion Pie

I always think that mince and onion needs a pastry topping and that's what it's going to get tonight! It's going to be served with Mash Potato which since I moulded into the shape of ice-creams using my cookie cutters the children have been waiting to get again! We're thinking that this week we'll have star shapes!

What are you planning for dinner this week? Do you have a standby meal that you know that even those who aren't "feeling" food will eat and enjoy? If so what is it because I really need to know to get Daddy back into giving me some suggestions for dinner as we'll be back to eating Chicken every night if he isn't careful!

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