The First Day

Today Big Boy went to School for the first time. It has been agreed that until those who have volunteered to give him is injection at lunch are confident in what they are doing either Daddy or I will go at lunch to give it to him or to supervise them giving it. So at lunch time today I set off from my quiet house to the School which is just a couple of minutes walk away.

As I was walking up the road I saw a UPS van stop outside my house, so I ran back signed for a parcel (it was some washing up liquid!) and went back on my way.

As I was walking up the road I saw Royal Mail van stop outside my house, so I ran back signed for a parcel (Guinness World Record Annual!) and went back on my way.

This time I didn't look back as I was sure if I did there would be yet another delivery for me!

When I got to School Big Boy was sitting in the medical room waiting for me to administer his injection, along with a TA and the Welfare Assistant.

"Have you had a nice day?" I asked Big Boy
"NO!" He replied rather firmly
"Why not?!" I asked looking at the TA in a little terror convinced that BB had been bullied or worse
"I wanted to go home and the Teacher wouldn't let me!" Big Boy said still in horror of the situation

The TA, WA and I tried very hard not to laugh.

"Oh well, Teachers are supposed to do that" I said brightly
"Well I won't be coming back tomorrow!" said Big Boy firmly

At this point the TA was finding it very hard to not laugh and I thought it might be worth changing the subject.

"So, did you make any friends?"
"One" BB answered solemnly
"Well that's good" I answered wondering who it was
"He tried to leave too" answered Big Boy

Looks like the Reception team are going to have their hands full!

Big Boy ready for his First Day At School

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