60 Free (or almost free) Things To Do In The Summer Holidays For Teenagers

I had a comment on my 100 Free Things To Do In The Summer Holidays, that suggested that my original list wouldn't work for children over ten. Whilst this may be true for some of the ideas on the list and for some families, there were plenty of ideas on the list that would work for teenagers, some that if you tweaked slightly would work and of course some that some older children would roll their eyes at but secretly love doing again.

However, I knew that a new list was needed and so here is my list for those teenagers who still hang around the house. Let me know in the comments if there is anything you would add!

60 Free (or almost free) Things To Do In The Summer Holidays For Teenagers

1. Visit a Museum, there are plenty of exhibits to suit various interests.
2.  Pop to the library and pick a book the librarian suggests.
3. Write a Book or a Story (Yes I know this is almost school work!)
4. Look up the answers to the questions nobody knows the answer to.
5. Make a head start on next years reading for School. Who knows maybe you'll enjoy it!
6. Research how to get the job you want in the future.
7. Ask if anyone needs a paper round covering for the Summer.
8. If you're going away research the area you're going to.
9. Sign up for a Pen friend, send them a letter.

Write a letter

10. Have a Marathon day and watch an entire series of an old TV show or series of Movies.
11. Have a family Games console day. Winner gets to pick the next game!
12. Create a video and upload it to youtube or similar.
13. Create a blog and use it like a journal.
14. Take photographs on your phone and upload them to Instagram.
15. Find the oddest sounding movie at the library (or video store or online) that you can and watch it.
16. Take apart an old electrical appliance to see how it works.
17. Listen to your Parents old music, some of it should be good!
18. Create your own Playlist.
19. Use some family photographs and create an online collage

Collage of old photos

20. Clean out your Bedroom, give toys you've outgrown to younger siblings or donate to a charity shop.
21. Clean the family car, do it with water guns!
22. Ask an Elderly Neighbour if they'd like your help in the garden.
23. Walk the Dog, or a Neighbours dog. Unless you don't like dogs!
24. Do some simple chores, your parents will love you for it and may be more willing to do something else.
25. Go through your socks and turn ones with holes into Sock puppets.
26. Mow the lawn.
27. Sort out the Junk drawer. Don't worry it's normal to find at least one questionable item in there.
28. Learn how to iron. Just don't burn yourself or the clothing.
29. Play with younger siblings to give your parents a chance to sit down.

Top Ender and Big Boy playing

30. Do a Marathon over several days, walk or run or cycle a mile a day and it will soon add up!
31. Play tennis on the local courts, in a field or against a wall.
32. Play a game of Quidditch, just don't fall off your broom!
33. Give your bike a once over, if you don't know how sign up for a course at Halfords or a local bike shop.
34. Follow an Exercise video without laughing or collapsing on the floor!
35. Go Geocaching, just wear sensible shoes!
36. Go for a hike in the local woods.
37. Ride your bike round the local neighbourhood.
38. Take younger siblings to the park, make sure they have a good time.
39. Teach yourself some tricks on your bike/skateboard/skates/scooter.

On a Bike Ride

40. Draw a self portrait.
41. Create a chalk masterpiece on the pavement.
42. Ask to move the furniture round in your room... or just tidy it!
43. Create a short show for your family to watch.
44. Practice or develop a talent. I still remember the summer I taught myself to juggle!
45. Design some bookmarks and colour them.
46. Try on everything in your wardrobe to see what looks good together.
47. Make something new out of something old. Turn a old sweater into a pillow, jeans in to shorts etc.
48. Recreate an old photo. Pretend to be you when you were a baby or your parents.
49. Make a Summer scrapbook or jar. Ticket stubs, pressed flowers, biscuit wrappers etc.

Journal Jars for Summer

50. Make Lunch or an evening meal for everyone using a new recipe.
51. Make cookies or a cake, don't forget to decorate them!
52. Ask to learn how to make a family favourite.
53. Clean and sort out the freezer and have some ice cream for your trouble!
54. Host a lunch party, ask your friends to bring one dish to share with them.
55. Go for a picnic.
56. Buy one food from the world foods aisle and then try it!
57. Learn how to cut, peel and cook vegetables.
58. Make your own Ice Lollies.
59. Check out your local Councils events. They normally have events planned that are free.
60. Call up a friend and go round to their home!

So there you go, my 60 things. Just ask me in a few years for some more as by then I'll actually have a teenager.