A Little Adventure #Review #littleadventures

Big Boy and I used to go on lots of little adventures together. I really miss the time before he started School, but luckily because it is nearly the Summer holidays I know that he, Tops and I will be having loads of fun again together really soon. In preparation for this, when Mumsnet asked if I fancied having an adventure with BB and Barny the sponge cake bear, I knew that this was what I was waiting for!

Big Boy eating Barny!

To start with BB, Tops and I went to a park for a picnic. It was a before Beavers picnic evening meal, and we had such a great laugh together, as I mentioned in my picnic blog post. What you didn't see however was the fun that BB had playing with Barny before he ate him.

Big Boy decided that Barny needed to go and play hide and seek and we spent a good half an hour searching for Barny after Big Boy had hidden him (in his packet to keep him safe!). Top Ender and I searched everywhere (we had played it fair by not looking whilst Big Boy hid him) that we could think of. We looked on the swings, we looked in the long grass, we emptied out the picnic basket and my handbag (where we found several chocolate Barny's but no Strawberry!), we checked on the slide and in the goal post, at one point I even checked under BB's shirt!

Eventually we sat down to our picnic and Big Boy sat there giggling whilst eating the picnic food. When it was time for pudding, BB ran to where he had hidden Barny... In a tree! 

Barny in a tree

It was amazing how simple the game was and how fun, the reward being of course that BB got to eat Barny!

Big Boy eating Barny

If you saw my instagram shot of BB eating Barny, then you'll know that the best way to eat a Barny is head first so that he can't talk and ruin your appetite!

We were sent two packets of Barny cakes. I actually haven't eaten one but judging from the way the children wolf them down they are rather yummy.