A Family Riding Day

Daddy has always loved watching Tennis, in particular the Wimbledon Championship and since I first met him he has taken either the two weeks or the last week of Wimbledon off from work, so that he could indulge in watching all the Tennis matches that he wanted to without having to worry about work too. As you've probably noticed, this is the second week of Wimbledon and as such Daddy has been off all week, but I'll chat about that more in another post! By pure luck the children had a day off, thanks to an Inset Day and so we decided to do something great together, but you know still close by so that Daddy could watch the Tennis!

We decided that after I had got back from the Inset Day (I was going as a Governor for a couple of hours) and we'd had lunch together that we would go for a ride on our bikes and finally get to use the Burly Piccolo Trailercycle that Actimel kindly gave us.

Big Boy and Daddy on the bike

Big Boy was scared about sitting on the Trailercycle to start with, but after the first lap of the park he was begging me to do another lap, and another and another! It was brilliant fun and as I explained to Big Boy this is exactly the kind of exercise I need to do in order to carry on with my weight loss because it combines family time with exercise. Big Boy has volunteered to be my coach, and will make sure that I don't spend too much time coasting down the hills!

PippaD and Big Boy on the Bike

After a couple of more laps, Daddy wanted a go, so I swapped on to his bike and he jumped on mine. It was great to see that Big Boy wasn't just sitting on the bike, but did actually pedal and he was really enjoying himself. We're planning our next bike ride already, and I seriously can't wait.

PS Despite lack of photo evidence, Top Ender was with us and happily cycling round the circuit with us!