The Tour de France - The aftermath

Top Ender and I are on a train wending our way home through some pretty fabulous scenery.

Actually, Tops wouldn't know about the scenery as she is pretty much crashed out beside me looking like a seasoned traveller with her headphones on and a pillow at the window.

Top Ender asleep on the train

Still I'm not surprised that she has crashed out after all the excitement of the weekend and being immersed in everything Tour de France and eating at least her body weight in Bonne Maman Madeline's and biscuits. Thank you Bonne Maman for keeping Tops in good supply and of course everyone else.

Our competition winners had a fabulous time, feeling like the Beckham's and travelling in the Bonne Maman minibus in the official caravan of the Tour. Whilst Top Ender, Alice and I travelled in our rather posh car along parts of the route VIPs were allowed down. To give you a taste of what it was like the following video should help.

I have to admit I nearly cried when watching the people of Yorkshire celebrate and support the riders in the tour. Seeing the bunting and yellow bikes and other decorations along the route was fabulous and I love that the entire community was taking part and taking ownership of this truly marvellous event. I sincerely hope that the Tour comes back, I know that I will even if it doesn't.

Tour de France Decoration Support

Yorkshire was like nothing I've experienced before. In fact I am going to feel out of place tomorrow waking up in my own room and not that of a hotel.  Even though I was only away for one weekend, living in the tour bubble with all the French signs, sounds and smells made me feel like we've been away for a month or more!

If you can go see the tour go past then I really do recommend you do. It is a truly an amazing spectacle with an atmosphere like nothing I've ever experienced before and I'm sure the riders appreciate the effort put into support them, I know I would.

In the mean time please excuse me whilst I get back to admiring the view out the window.

I must again say Thank You to Bonne Maman for hosting Top Ender and I, and of course our winners and most importantly to the people of Yorkshire, for letting us and the tour invade and yet every single person also made us feel so very welcome.

All this weekend was paid for by the lovely guys at Bonne Maman.