Dreaming Of Summer

I've been thinking about the upcoming Summer Holidays for a few weeks now. I've been been planning what Mummy Home School work we'll cover, what day trips we'll go on, what Big Boy and I will do when Top Ender and Daddy go camping (or maybe we'll join them this year!), where we'll have our weekly picnics, what exercise we'll do, what experiences I'd like us to have, when we'll meet up with friends and family, what our big summer project will be, what we'll try and knock off our chore list and around a thousand more things covering everything that you could think a Summer holiday period could cover.

The Family on the Concrete Cows Milton Keynes is famous for

I'm starting to get a little anxious though. I'm reading Facebook status updates from friends all over the country (and the world) and their schools have already broken up, or are just about to and us? Well, we have another two weeks left of School. It seems so unfair to me that we're having this quite lovely weather here in Milton Keynes and it's only me that gets to enjoy eating my lunch in the garden, or to watch the dragonflies dance around the lawn. It seems wrong that the children aren't here.

Top Ender and Big Boy 2014

And yet, it's in these quiet moments when the children are still in School, and I'm sitting here daydreaming on how we'll start the day or what cakes we could bake that I start to think of the summers of my youth. I start to think about the summers I had with Top Ender when she was small, the summer when Big Boy was born and before Top Ender started school, the summer before Big Boy started School and I realise that life passes by in a heartbeat and I wonder why I'm wishing away the days.

Top Ender and Big Boy 2009

Life however does pass by and so I'll keep dreaming of summer, of camp fires and tents in the garden, of water fights and reading in the shade of the trees. I'll dream about walks along a beach, of watching the stars, dancing in the rain and of swimming in the sea. I'll dream of the pillow fights, and lay ins, the movie days, the game tournaments and the colouring that we'll do and I'll continue planning because I don't want to waste a single second of the time I'll have with the children this summer.

Top Ender, Big Boy and Mummy pulling silly faces