Let's Start Summer

Today is the last day of the current School year for Top Ender and Big Boy and I decided I really wanted to celebrate and do something special. So the children came home to a sign on the door. Just a simple sign that I printed off on my new printer (I'll talk about it in a post in a couple of days, but I got it free so just declaring that now) and stuck to the front door.

Let's Start Summer!

One of my neighbours was just popping up to the school along with her children who left the School last year. They are sweet children, but they did think that my front door was a little weird... mainly because I've forgotten to tell you about something I did to the front door. You see there wasn't just a sign.

There were streamers too.

Top Ender and Big Boy loved the taped up door

The children loved it and after we managed to unlock the door without destroying the streamers, they ran into the house.

Okay so kind of walked... The good news is that Summer has started, so lets get busy doing nothing!