The Tour de France, Bonne Maman Cakes, Top Ender and Me!

As I write this I'm watching several employees from various different sponsoring companies of the Tour de France set off on their second day of adventures being in the official Tour de France caravan. Despite the weather forecast being for rain, it looks like it is gong to be a beautiful day (again and I'm already a little red from yesterday!) and I can't wait for my alarm to go off so I can join the team at Bonne Maman and not just like Top Ender because they keep pilling us with cake!

Yesterday was amazing and even though Tops is actually too young to be in the caravan we had a marvellous day crisscrossing the route of the race getting to the VIP areas at the start and finish, as I said in one of my Instagram images we were so close to the finishing line yesterday evening I could have streaked it if I wanted to, and Tops and I managed to sneak on to grab a finish line shot!

I shouldn't however start at the end should I? I should start at the begining!

Friday night travelling to Leeds was eventful, due to a delayed return home from a school trip for Top Ender. So delayed that we missed the three or four trains we could actually get and Daddy (lovely Daddy) looked at the map and decided he'd drive us there so we wouldn't miss anything! We arrived at our hotel around twenty minutes earlier than our earliest missed train would have and after a drink and cake, Daddy and Big Boy made the journey home. Tops and I crashed out in our hotel room and before we knew it, it was 6am and our day was getting started.

Most of Leeds was closed off for the Tour to start, but thanks to our magic VIP car pass and armbands we were soon right in the mix of the action, with people the other side of barriers trying to work out if we were famous.

The atmosphere was AMAZING and we were so close to the teams that Tops and I were talking with various competitors and we now have a few favourites who aren't quite as obvious as our lovely British chaps and they were all showing us various features of their bikes and outfits and encouraging Tops with her own bike riding. Of course we were hobnobbing with our rather famous co guests Prince Harry, Prince William and his lovely Duchess of a wife Kate (basically we saw them in the not so distant distance). We then followed the tour on the way to Harrogate stopping off for a lovely pub lunch and view of the dales.

After finding the special parking in Harrogate in our chauffer driven car (suit wearing driver and everything) and wending our way to the finish line we're almost to the end of our fantastic day and where I started this post! It was a long day and so instead of heading off to dinner with the rest of the team and our competition winners, Tops and I ordered Bacon Baps and Hot Chocolates from the bar and had an earlyish night (it was almost ten when we got to bed).

And now we're setting off on our second day. Watch out for pictues and updates on mine and Top Ender's accounts throughout the day!

We have been fed, watered, travelled and admitted to everything for free as part of the experience, thanks to the guys and gals at Bonne Maman.