Adopt a Big Cat - Big Boy Giggles

After having adopted two kittens and now having more cats than people in our house, I took a lot of time to explain to both Big Boy and Top Ender about the responsibility we have to our Pets and the associated costs. In an unrelated note, but kinda relevant to the story, Big Boy has been paying more attention to various adverts on TV, but normally giving me tips on speaking to either the Money Advice Service or getting a credit card to solve all my financial woes!

A tangle of kittens

Whilst watching some cartoons Big Boy bounced over to Daddy.

"We should adopt a Lion Daddy" he said

Knowing that this wasn't a normal conversation, even for Big Boy Daddy asked

"What happens when we adopt a lion?"

"Well, first of all they send you a baby lion." said a clearly know it all Big Boy

"Right" said Daddy already wondering if Big Boy was winding him up

"And then you look after it." finished off Big Boy

A few moments passed before Daddy asked

"How do you feed a lion?"

Big Boy paused for a moment, clearly thinking over what he knew about Lions and what they eat and what he'd seen in the advert.

"Well, you go to the local Farmer and you ask him if he can borrow a sheep. And the farmer says Yes and you take the sheep home and feed it to the lion. Then later the Farmer comes and says, Can I have my sheep back? And you say oh no! I've lost it! And the Farmer says oh. Okay. And goes away."

I suppose this post should be a warning to all farmers being asked to lend sheep to dodgy looking six year old's and their parents!