Daddy's Week Off

Daddy has been off for the last week. Having learnt from previous times that Daddy has taken off from work I told Daddy that we wouldn't be planning on doing anything in particular although I did have one thing I wanted to schedule in at some point. It's worked out well, each morning Daddy asks me what I have planned and if there is anything we need to do. I then let him know my schedule and what I have planned and we go off and do that. It's been great, I've been able to do all my normal work such as my chores and housework and go to my meetings and spend some great time with my husband!

On Monday we went for a walk around the shopping centre together, before going to grab some shopping to take part in the Tenderstem around the world challenge. Whilst we were up the City we decided to pop in to the Build a Bear Workshop as when we go with the children they always want us to buy something for them... and we ended up buying them a gift!

Daddy gave them their gift after we ate dinner and I had disappeared off to my training session for the night. As you might imagine they were absolutely thrilled and loved the choices we made and whilst Daddy and Big Boy took Top Ender to Brownies the teddies sat happily on the stairs awaiting their return.

Lobster and Butterfly for Big Boy and Top Ender

On Tuesday we popped to Pet's at Home, to buy a car boot load of Kitten food and cat litter thanks to discount voucher they sent me as I joined their VIP (Very Important Pets) programme and as were were out that way we headed to Tesco to get some baskets for under the sink (it's all tidy now!) and to Argos to buy a new memory card for BB's camera as his videos for youtube are getting longer and he's needing the extra space.

Whilst we were in Tesco, Daddy kept me amused by reminding me of stories from our past where one of us had done something rather daft... like the time Daddy went on an escalator in Sainsburys and it suddenly stopped, so he headed up escalator whilst carrying the trolley he had been pushing up. It was fine until someone coming down the other escalator looked at Daddy carrying the trolley and Daddy replied "Blimey these trolleys are heavy" instead of simply saying the escalator is broken. I guess that's one of the stories that you have to be there for ;)

On Wednesday, Daddy carried out the chores I had lined up (taking my Mum and her kitten Dotty to the Vets) whilst I went to the Inset Day at School and then after we all got back home we went for a Family Bike Ride in the afternoon which you can read more about in A Family Riding Day

Daddy and Big Boy on the bike

The rest of the afternoon should have been filled with giggles whilst Daddy watched the Tennis and Top Ender and Big Boy played a network game together but instead an accident had Top Ender hiding out in her bedroom writing an apology to Big Boy and Big Boy laying on the sofa soaking up all the sympathy he could get. Luckily by the end of dinner it was all forgotten.

On Thursday we went for a 3 mile walk around two local lakes (they are joined together sort of) and had a great chat about everything we could think of to chat about and not just about the headless Swans that seemed to be following us around the lake, or the instructor who was making his group run hill climbs despite it being so hot.

When we were done with the walk we had lunch and headed back off to a couple of stores to get some last minute extras for Top Ender's School trip the following day and some healthy snack options for me. Our evening meal was early so that we could get BB to Beavers and as it was the first time that Daddy had met BB's Beaver leader or even seen where Beavers was held, we spent the next hour showing him things that Top Ender and I had discovered about the local area... although we hadn't worked out how to get to the canal!

The Grand Union Canal

And then there was today. Daddy dropped Top Ender off at School early so that she could go on her School trip (Legoland! See all in her Kyle Emmett blog when she uploads it later this weekend) and then we headed off to a local lake for a walk... before we remembered I'm supposed to be at home waiting in on some tickets to arrive!

A mad dash home led Daddy to go and get his hair cut and get new tyres on the car, whilst I waited in for the tickets, hoping that we hadn't missed them. Luckily a few minutes after Daddy going out they arrived and I could stop panicking.

After lunch we headed off to yet another local lake, where we were again surprised by the sheer number of people running/walking/cycling around the lake.

Caldecotte Lake

The week has been amazing, and whilst I shall miss my husband when he returns back to Birmingham on Monday morning (I get my own bed back Wahoo!) I shall have a whole week worth of memories to draw on to keep the smile on my face.