The Salad Bar - Parragon Book #Review

If there is one thing I know how to make, it's a salad.

They aren't hard are they? You get some green leafy stuff (lettuce generally) and if you've cheated you open the packet and drop it in a bowl, and rearrange the bits of carrot or other healthy vegetable type things to make it look less like you opened a bag and dropped it in a bowl. Of course, there are times when you want something a little more personalised and for me that involves cutting up lettuce and other green leafy stuff and adding chopped carrots, slices of mushrooms, raisins, radishes, cucumber... you name it from the first few aisles of the Supermarket and I've put it in a salad at one point of another.

For me the problem comes when I want to be a bit more fancy. What am I supposed to serve as a posh salad when I have friends round or I'm taking something to a potluck dinner or a munch and mingle and that's where this book The Salad Bar has come in useful... well and also as healthy bedtime reading!

The Salad Bar Book (on my lovely green lawn)

The recipes in the book are simple and easy to follow and even the ingredients which seem slightly more exotic were easily found at one of my local supermarkets (rainbow chard anyone?) even if it wasn't available at all of them.

The pictures in the book are amazing, and really give you something to aspire to when recreating the salads but I've consoled myself with the thought that they were professionally prepared, style and photographed when my salad doesn't look anything like the one in the book.

A random sample page with amazing Salad pictures

The book has an RRP of £10 and you can read some more about it on the Parragon website.

We were sent this book to review, it now lives on my bedside table where I often drool over it.