A Meaningful Birthday Gift- HELP! #SponsoredPost

It's my MIL's birthday this week, I shan't embarrass her by saying how old she is but lets just say it's a significant birthday. So what kind of gift could we get her to mark the occasion? Well, I did what all normal people do, after I had a good think and came up empty handed I called my Mum and asked her for suggestions. The first thing my Mum suggested was a jewellery, something we could have engraved with something meaningful or lovely, you know like the below;

Happy Birthday Mum, All our Love xxxx engraving image

And so I thought about it a bit more.

And then I knew what to get, a watch. We should get my MIL a watch, because they have lots of nice bits to engrave, like the back of the face and the clasp bit and every time she wore it or looked at it in her jewellery box she'd remember us and how much we love her.

So I headed over to The Watch Hut, as I know that they are the largest online UK Watch retailer, to have a look at the different watches that were in our price range and that I thought that my MIL might like. I narrowed it down to four or five that I thought were quite nice and then let Daddy in on the action. He again helped me narrow it down and we asked the children, eventually we picked a lovely Sekonda (I'm not showing you which, just in case my MIL is reading this!) which I'm going to have engraved. Now I just need you to help me with what to have engraved on the claspy bit, because despite what the picture below shows, the back of the face is not suitable for engraving on!

Sekonda Watch

We could go with something simple such as the Happy Birthday Mum above, or we could put a short quote on or even a Biblical reference of something meaningful to us and her but what I really need is your help! I have a couple of ideas of what to have engraved, but what would you have engraved?

What would you think was sweet and lovely and remind you of your loving family every time you put it on or looked at it? What Biblical quotes can you think of (remember with Biblical quotes you could just write Psalm 149:3 for example instead of the full quote) that would be appropriate?

And whilst we're on the subject, what quotes can you think of that are so not appropriate but will give me and Daddy a good giggle?

It was a total surprise to me that my Mum suggested jewellery, and it just happened to be at the right time that I could write this sponsored post. The watch is sitting on my fireplace waiting for the perfect quote idea!