A Water Gun Fight

Over the weekend, when we were at a Goodbye Neighbours/ Birthday party the children acquired two new water pistols. I have no idea how the children managed to restrain themselves from filling them up at the party (the children spent most of the two parties in a fabulous paddling pool with an attached slide!) and shooting at various guests but somehow they did.

Two new Waterpistols

Eventually the children could wait no more, and so after suggesting that Big Boy remove his insulin pump for the duration of the water fight the children ran to the garden intending to soak one another.

A waterfight between Top Ender and Big Boy

It was a glorious water fight, and it only paused when I asked if I could get a few pictures without being soaked myself.

Top Ender and Big Boy posing with their water guns

This is Big Boy's menacing face, I sure wouldn't want to meet that in a dark alley!

A waterfight between Top Ender and Big BoyA waterfight between Top Ender and Big Boy
The great thing about water fights in the summer is that you dry off so quickly that it really doesn't matter how wet you end up, not does it matter if your sister is a crack shot and you just get lucky at close range. It all comes down to just having fun in the sunshine.