You're Having a Giraffe! - Big Boy Giggles

Daddy and I have been trying to arrange a holiday for the family to go on in one of the half term holidays. We've been discussing as a family where we'd like to go in the UK, of course Yorkshire got a mention or two as Top Ender and I loved it and Big Boy is a little jealous of the time we spent there, so he's been asking if he can go there too.

Eventually we narrowed it down to a couple of destinations we'd been to before, but in order to make it more special we were looking at a slightly more upmarket holiday home to stay in. Daddy was looking at the prices of the accommodation online and was slightly surprised at the cost.

"You're having a giraffe!" said Daddy before explaining the breakdown of costs to me
"Maybe" said Big Boy "That's what they are going to buy with the money! They want to buy a giraffe so are charging you lots."
"Yes BB" said Daddy "That is exactly what is going on."

So there you have it folks, expect to see Giraffes wandering round holidays homes in the near future.

Giraffes at the Zoo