Missing Cat

Top Ender's cat is missing. She was most definitely here on Thursday night when we took the kittens to the Vets, but since we got back from our picnic (after having dropped the kittens back home) she has vanished. I wasn't really worried until she didn't come back on Friday. Or Saturday. Or Sunday. And now it's Monday and she is still missing.

As you can imagine there are a few tears from Top Ender (and me) and a lot of praying that Willow will arrive at the back door (or the front I'm not fussy) hungry after having been accidentally locked into someones garage or shed.

Willow, Top Ender's Cat

I've called all the local vets and given her description, because despite all the other cats being chipped we're not sure if Willow is or not. If you're reading this and your cat or dog hasn't been microchipped take my advice and please get them chipped ASAP.

This morning I've made up some missing posters, but our printer decided at the last second to run out of ink as I was printing them, so I'm now walking the one poster I managed to print off properly to the library to print off some copies to distribute to the houses in the road we live in and back on to.

Just in case you happen to live round my way and see this cat however, please let me know and if you have a spare prayer or two, we'd appreciate them.