All About The Bacon!

I love getting emails that offer me food, especially when the food they are offering me is Bacon. With  Bacon Connoisseurs' Week coming up (19th to 25th March 2012) Morrisons Supermarket sent us some of their "The Best" Bacon range which comes from British Farms and the Online Sizzle team challenged us to create a meal either using the recipes they sent or by making one up ourselves. With the challenge accepted we started cooking using the bacon.
The A Mothers Ramblings All About The Bacon Flag

We started the week with a risotto. I adapted the BBC's easy risotto recipe (adapted as I didn't have any parmesan or onions) and used a pack of Morrisons The Best lightly oak smoked sweetcure rind less back bacon and despite the rice not being quite tender enough everyone ate it quite happily, as there was bacon.

Bacon Risotto

I thought the Risotto would be the best meal to give the recipe for but then Daddy made a Bacon and Cheese burger for our lunch using Morrisons The Best lightly oak smoked sweetcure rindless back bacon again. Daddy had cheddar and Ketchup in his and I had Brie and Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce in mine.

Bacon Cheese Burger

The Burgers tasted delicious and I thought that they would be the recipe we gave but then Daddy made a Fried Breakfast that was so yummy that the cooked slices of Morrisons The Best applewood smoked dry cured back bacon drooled on the table.

Fried Breakfast

Then Daddy decided that he had to make another recipe that he had seen and so locking me out of the kitchen he started tinkering with the recipe so he could present me with The A Mothers Ramblings Sticky Apple Bacon and Sausage Roast, served with Herby Mashed Potato.
A Mothers Ramblings Sticky Apple Bacon and Sausage Roast with Herby Mash
I apologise that the picture is blurry but Daddy isn't used to my camera
Daddy had read the original recipe on the BBC and it had made his mouth water, but he thought he could make it better and so he made a few adaptations to create his own version which is fast becoming our Saturday night treat. So here for your tastebuds amusement is how Daddy made it.

The A Mothers Ramblings Sticky Apple Bacon and Sausage Roast for Two


2 Rashers The Best Applewood Smoked Dry Cured Back Bacon cut in half (lengthways so you have four long strips)
6 Pork Sausages (Ours were Gluten free from the Co-op)
2 Red skinned Apples (washed cored and cut into wedges)
1/2 an onion finely diced (we have frozen chopped onion in our freezer)
2 tbsp Honey (we used Rowse Acacia Honey as we had a squeezy bottle)
1tsp Mustard
1tbsp Oil

A Mothers Ramblings Sticky Apple Bacon and Sausage Roast whilst Roasting


Daddy started by putting the oven on to heat up with a tablespoon of oil in the roasting pan.

Taking the sausages he cut them in half and then wrapped four of the halves in the bacon slices before securing them in place with a toothpick and adding them to the roasting pan. He then left the Sausages to roast for twenty minutes at gas mark 9 whilst he prepared the apples and the glaze.

To make the glaze he took the honey and mustard and mixed it together making a runny spicy mixture. He half drizzled/ half spooned this mixture over everything when he added the onions to the pan and gave everything a jiggle to get the coating all over before adding the apples and returning it to the oven at gas mark 7 for an additional fifteen minutes.

Despite having a world surplus of potatoes Daddy decided to make Smash potato and added a teaspoon of both our dry herb mixes of Tzatziki and Patatas Bravas before adding the water. It actually tasted really nice together so maybe there will be some more Greek/Spanish hybrids added to our meals in the future. When everything was plated he drizzled the honey mustard glaze from the bottom of the roasting tin over the sausage mixture on the plate and served.

We were sent the Bacon and a voucher for Morrisons which we are going to spend on more Bacon or possibly Cakes.