What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 31/03)

I've been blogging on Monday's about our meal plan for the week, partly to link up with others doing the same with Mrs M's Meal Plan Mondays and partly because it makes things sense for me to record what we are eating on our family blog. Food is a huge part of our family life, be it because Daddy can't eat something, that Big Boy or Top Ender won't eat something or because in years to come my children might want to remember what we ate and why. It also makes more sense for me to blog about this on a Friday or Saturday because that's when I go shopping and so it's when I make my meal plans for the week!

Soup and buttered bread. We've all had the stomach flu and so this was all Daddy and I ate today. Top Ender and Big Boy were feeling a bit better and so they had some of the Warburtons Brioche that had been sent to us for a very late breakfast or a sort of early lunch. They enjoyed them, but with all the illness that was going around we'll do a proper review later this week!

I don't think that we could cope with a Roast today so I'm planning on making Pork and Vegetable Kebabs to be served on a bed of Rice. There isn't any sauce on the Kebabs I'm just grilling the pork with some peppers, mushrooms, chunks of courgettes and red onion and brushing them with olive oil. I'm hoping that Big Boy will think having his meat and vegetables on skewers as fun and not think about what he has been given to eat!

I've said before we try to have Jacket Potatoes once a week so that we can keep the budget down. For me it costs 43p per person when we have beans (Daddy prefers Branston Beans), a bit of cheese (I prefer a mozzarella and cheddar mix)  and a bit of butter on our jacket potatoes. At £1.75 a meal I think it's almost a bargain!

I'm hoping that come Tuesday we will all be back to eating food without the worry of any reaction and so I've planned a creamy leek mushroom and ham spaghetti type thing! The creaminess is going to come from a low fat cream cheese which I think brings it down to about 380 calories per portion which will help with my healthier eating plan.

It's Pizza night! Another meat free night (unless everyone decides to add ham I've brought for Sandwiches to their pizza) but it's also fun as Tops and BB love adding cheese to the pizza and spreading the tomato over the base too. They might not make it very neatly but it all tastes the same when you're chewing it.

Daddy is out so I'm making a Sausage and Leek Puff Pastry Pie with mash for the children and I. The children love sausage pie and I'm slowly tricking them into eating more vegetables in the pie by adding them little by little. I just wish I had a round pie dish although maybe I might be able to buy one with them this week.
Puff Pastry Sausage and Leek Pie

For Good Friday I thought I would make something special as a treat and sweet and sticky chicken wings with rice fits the bill. I'm making them with Sweet Chilli Sauce, Soy Sauce, Ketchup, Brown Sugar and Garlic so it might be wise to stay clear of me come Saturday morning!

So that is my week, what are you having this week?