Twenty Ways To Surprise Your Children

We try and have a lot of fun as a family, it's something that is part of our family culture and I think we could go as far as to say it is part of our family psyche! It's so engrained that we don't think twice about what we are doing and it's only when someone else is surprised at something that we do (in a good way) that we even think that what we do is that different to the mainstream. Every so often we like to mix it up a bit, to surprise the children and to give us adults something to look forward to. It is just simple things that we do, but not letting the children know until we are just about to do it means that the children are surprised even if it is the 20th time they have done the activity!

Top Ender and Big Boy standing on the Gate

Here are 20 ways we surprise our children.
  1. Go on a Date Night/Date Day with them
  2. Phone them when you aren't with them
  3. Let Them Choose Dinner, even if it is something like Fish Finger Pizza!
  4. Celebrate something silly like New Haircut Day
  5. Frame their artwork or a picture they took and hang it up
  6. Make something or paint something for them
  7. Go on a Surprise trip day trip
  8. Have Pudding at a restaurant
  9. Hide a note in their bedroom and see when they find it
  10. Send them a letter in the mail
  11. Film a video for them
  12. Get them a gift and leave it somewhere secret
  13. Do something silly  
  14. Give them flowers for no reason
  15. Put Balloons in their room whilst they are sleeping
  16. Make them a special lunch
  17. Do things backwards
  18. Have a karaoke moment
  19. Turn up unexpectedly at school
  20. Do something you had said No to
What would you add to the list?