Marbling with Yellow Moon

There isn't a lot that I remember from School, but one thing I remember quite clearly is an art lesson when I was about eight years old and we did marbling. I don't know what we did with the pieces of paper that we marbled or even what we were expected to learn but when Yellow Moon asked if I'd like to do some crafting with Top Ender and Big Boy and that they were going to send out materials so we could do some marbling at home I was over the moon! I had a tray that we could use and explained to the children that by dropping the ink on to the tray of water the ink would float on top and we would be able to use the paper to pick up the ink. The children thought this was some form of magic (well science and magic are quite close!) and were eager to help and have a go.

As you can see we had fun and made some great patterns which we managed to transfer to some paper, some card and some polystyrene shapes! We weren't really sure what to make with the paper and card we had marbled so Big Boy and I made a monster to live in Big Boy's bedroom and we also decided to cover one of the new notebooks we brought for Top Ender to make it look a little more funky. Top Ender loves it and has plans for recovering a lot of her books and creating some new art for her bedroom.

Marbled Book Cover

And our hearts and birds are displayed in the plant pots in the kitchen window. They didn't turn out quite as good as we hoped they would but I'm sticking to it and planning on creating something... I'm just not sure what! We loved playing with the inks together and coming up with some ideas of what to do with the things we had  made.We have plans for a few other things to make and a really great idea taking inspiration from some art work we saw on display in a shop the other day. We'll keep you posted when we do!

Yellow Moon sent us the materials needed to do the marbling.