Questions and Answers

Ages and ages ago I was tagged in a Question and Answers Meme by Woodland Window and so as I had nothing to do I thought I would answer them. I'm not passing them on, but if anyone wants to then let me know and I'll link you up! 

1. What three words would your best friend use to describe you? 

Well my best friend is also my husband so I guess he would use nice words out of fear that if he didn't I'd do something mean to him whilst he was sleeping. Like glue his toes together or put lipstick on him.

2. What was the last book you read and what would you rate it out of ten? 

It was a free book on my kindle app on my ipod touch about retirement. I'm not planning on retiring but I was looking for some tips. The last "proper" book I read was one I got out the library but I can't remember what it was as I got about ten out. And when you read the next question you will see another book I read too!

3. Do you have a faith? 

Yes, I'm LDS aka Mormon. It basically means I'm an ordinary Christian with a few extra bits. It's very important to me even though I am inactive (which basically means I don't go to Church), but I read the Scriptures (oh I need to change the answer to question 2 now!) everyday and try to be a good person. I haven't murdered anyone so I think the good person bit is working.

4. What is your favourite thing to cook (recipe would be good too ;) )? 

I'm not sure actually. When I cook it tends to be things that I just make up and somehow work out okay. I guess the best thing I ever made was the Cheesecake for the MasterChef Invention Test, which I then won. You know, little things.

Masterchef Invention Test CheeseCake Winner

5. Do you keep in touch with many school friends? 

Only on Facebook and even that isn't very detailed keeping in touch is it! I was talking about this the other day I didn't really have friends at School, there were people I hung around with but I don't think that anyone ever gets to see the real me as I've been hurt a few times in the past.

6. Are you happy with the area in which you live? 

Yes, in fact I wrote a HUGE post about Milton Keynes because it is where I live and I love it! My house isn't how I would really like it but it has my family in and so it makes it my home.

7. What is currently must-see television for you? 

I'm really into Criminal Minds and Bones at the minute, I'm watching the back episodes that are showing on Sky and it's only given me one bad dream. I watch far too much TV, but I do it when I am working so it is "wasted" time otherwise.

8. Which musician/band always cheers you up when you hear their music? 

Dean Friedman, Joshua Kadison and ABBA will always make me smile. I have the Glee albums on my ipod and this morning I was singing bits from The Rocky Horror Show today which really lifted my mood!

9. What is the hardest thing you have ever done? 

I guess it is losing weight. It's hard because I know that I want to do it but I keep sabotaging myself. 

10. What car do you drive? 

The family car is a Citroen Picasso which is perfect for our Family Days Out. I'm a good driver, but I don't really like driving and so Daddy does most of it.

11. Flat shoes or high heels?

Flats every time. I do own high heels but wear them so infrequently that I am really rubbish at walking in them. I really should practice more!