Complicated Surgery

Did you know that I'm a World Class Surgeon? Yup, I dabble in General Surgery and have been dubbed by the next of kin of my patients as being wonderfully talented. I've been told that my bedside manner is amazing and my colleagues have expressed gratitude at taking on cases that they knew only I had the skills to take on. My most recent Surgery was a tricky one with my patient needing to be readmitted to theatre because of complications that arose after surgery.

Super Dog in Surgery

That's right my patient was a toy dog.

Big Boy and I had been talking about having our own version of Crufts for him and Top Ender and their wonderful pet dogs, but Big Boy was really worried that his special dog Super Dog wouldn't pass any inspection because he had a hole where Doggies shouldn't have a hole. There was only one thing for it, we had to operate and lucky for Big Boy I'm the afore mentioned World Class Surgeon.

Big Boy was so pleased to have Super Dog back in one piece that Super Dog hasn't left Big Boy's side since!

Big Boy and Super Dog after Surgery

Do you have secret Surgical Skills? Are you like me and the Dr Meredith Grey on the General Surgery Scene? Does this mean I get to snog Dr McDreamy now?