Ten Things To Do As A Family In Spring

This year Spring has infected me with it's sunshine and flowers and given me lots of ideas of things to do with my family. We love being outside and so I thought that I would create a list of our ten favourite things to do as a family in Spring and see how many of them we can get through this weekend.

1) Plant some seeds, bulbs, plants.

I love watching green shoots slowly push their way out of the ground and when the plants start to flower I love being able to sit in the garden and look at the different colours. I think that it's something which is great to do as a family because you all get the reward in a few weeks and most children like to dig in the dirt! I'm hoping we can get everyone to concentrate on the front garden and plant up some pots too!

2) Go for a walk.

We are always going for walks and there are so many places you can go. You can walk in local woods, around lakes or even around your own housing estate. There are a lot of things to see and we are always surprised just how much we enjoy just walking and talking.
On a Family Walk

3) Go to a Farm.

We are really lucky that there are several family friendly farms/Visitor attractions local to us and they don't cost an arm and a leg to go either. I love going in the Spring so that I can see newborn lambs and I'm loving one of our local farms Lamb Cam idea. I can't help but keep checking to see if I can see a lamb being born!

4) Attract wildlife to your garden

Some of the plants that we will have planted will do this for us, but I'm thinking that we could create a bug hotel and Daddy has seen an advert for a family event where we can make a bird house together. We think it could be a lot of fun!

5) Make a sundial

All you need is a big stick and 12 markers which could be shoes, stones, pegs, flower heads or anything else close to hand. I love being able to see the shadow on the ground move as the sun moves across the sky and being able to combine it with telling the time is a win win.

6) Go for a bike ride

It's Spring, going for a bike ride is not only great exercise and good for the environment but it's also great for not going so fast that you miss all the Spring flowers around you. Plus we can double up our bike ride with a trip to the park.

7) Go for a picnic

A last minute impromptu picnic can be as simple as having some sandwiches and fruit and it's always fun to be able to eat outside. It's one of the reasons we keep a picnic blanket in the car!

8) Do some Spring Crafts

We have had flowers and bunnies in our window before, and this year we are looking at marbling some paper eggs but I'm thinking that this weekend we could create some string eggs and some Easter bonnets and if we are really good then painting some flower pots to give as Easter gifts.

Spring Crafts

9) Bird watching

From our kitchen window we can see our back garden and the three fruit trees that live in it. This means that we have a perfect vantage point to watch the birds that visit our garden. Whilst I'm not as fantastic at spotting and recognising the birds as I used be (I was really good when I was Top Enders age) I can name more than the rest of my family which makes me a superstar.

10) Spring Clean

I know, the last thing most normal people think about is cleaning with their family, but trust me doing it together not only helps get it done faster but can help keep things cleaner for longer if everyone feels responsible for having cleaned the house. Plus with our six favourite fun chores spring cleaning is great fun.