Smubbles Bubble Blower - A Review

We were sent a Smubbles Bubble Blower to review which pleased the children immensely as they have seen them advertised on TV and had decided that for Easter what they would love to have (instead of a hundred Easter eggs as they have had in the past) is one of the Smubbles Bubble Blowers each and some of the scents to go with them. The first chance we had to play with the Smubbles Bubbles was after Tops and BB had got ready for bed and as a treat I planned to blow some bubbles for them to burst so they could smell the different flavours.

Blue Smubbles Bubble Blower

As I was opening the bottle of bubbles and pouring it into the tray to dip the bubble blower in I made a mess and managed to spill the bubble mixture all over the table. The children thought this was part of the fun and helped me mop it up all the while complaining that they couldn't smell anything fruity. I explained that it was only when the Smubbles Blower was blowing bubbles and the bubbles were burst that they would be able to smell the fragrance and they were satisfied with this whilst I worked out how to

The next ten minutes were filled with giggles as the children ran around the living room bursting the bubbles and smelling the air with oohs and ahhs of delight. They loved bursting the bubbles and with the added bonus of having fruity fragrances I quickly realised this wasn't a good thing to be doing just before bed! A quick cuddle had everyone calmed down and ready for bed and the promise that they could play some more with the bubbles the next day after school. Tops and BB think it's great fun and are playing with it every night when the weather allows and are hoping they get another one for Easter so they don't have to share!

The Smubbles Bubble set costs £9.99 and comes in two different colours.