What to do with Easter Leftovers - Chocolate Easter Eggs

One of the great things for children at Easter is the amount of chocolate that they get from friends and family. Last year the number of chocolate eggs that Top Ender and Big Boy got was overwhelming and so it was no surprise that come July we were still eating it... in fact by the middle of July I got rather sick of it and so decided that we should use the chocolate to make something else.
Left over Easter Eggs - No Bake Cakes

1) No bake Chocolate cakes

We had a partially eaten bag of chocolate rice cereal and so decided to add that to the melted chocolate, making some rather yummy lunch box treats! This can easily be made with any leftover cereal and is a good way of clearing out your cupboards as adding dried fruit and marshmallows is also a big hit in our house!

or you could make


100g Margarine
25g Sugar (whatever you have in!)
5 tablespoons of Golden Syrup
250g of crushed biscuits (or cereal)
100 -175g of dried fruit (depending on how fruit you want it)
250g Chocolate

Mix everything together, put into a lined tin, pour on the melted chocolate and leave in the fridge for an hour or so.

or you could make

Millionaires Shortcake


2) Chocolate chip cookies/Brownies/Chocolate Cake

Just make any cookie recipe (Baby Boy's New Years Day Cookies for example) Brownie recipe or Chocolate Cake recipe and add in the chopped up Chocolate instead of the other chocolate in the recipe.

3) Hot Chocolate

This really works best with good quality chocolate, but if you are like me and don't care about the cocoa content and go with what you think tastes nice then use anything! Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water and then over a low heat slowly mix in milk until it is a drinkable consistency. Then drink! I like to grate mine and use in my chocolatiere.

Leftover Easter Eggs - Hot Chocolate in a Chocolatiere

4) Chocolate Sauce

Heat the chocolate until it melts, add a dash of milk (or cream if you are that way inclined) and then dribble over ice-cream, hot cross buns, toast, pancakes or anything else you fancy. Just be careful as it is hot and care should be taken not to burn your erm delicate areas if you dribble it there!

5) Pop Tarts

If you are going to melt up the chocolate why not make some Home Made Pop Tarts? They are a big treat in our house and I must admit using my favourite chocolate inside makes them all the more tasty!

6) Chocolate spoons

These are so fun to make. Melt chocolate, dip in a spoon (buy some plastic ones) and then let set hard. Then next time you have a hot drink or a hot pudding stir or eat using the chocolate spoon. The heat will melt the chocolate and makes every sip or mouthful special!

This also works well with fruit. Top Ender loves to dip apple and strawberries before letting it set and then gobbling up.

7) Muffins with Chocolate melting centres

These are so easy to make and very scrummy. The first time I made them for Top Ender and Big Boy they sat at the oven waiting for the cakes to bake because they smelt so good.

Using an ordinary sponge recipe (4oz butter mixed with 4oz Sugar with 4oz of self raising flour added before mixing in 2 eggs) and add 2oz of cocoa powder (or any drinking chocolate if you are short) and 1/4 fill the cupcake cases. Add a piece or two of chocolate (depending on the size of your cupcakes and the chocolate) and then cover with more of the cake mixture. Cook for ten minutes or so in the oven and serve!

Melting Centre Cakes - Easter Leftovers

Watch out though as melting centres are messy and hot!

8) Home Made Chocolate Lipbalm

Seriously. See this Instructable and tell me you don't want to make it.

9) Fondue

Heat it up until it melts and then slowly add cream until it is all mixed in. Then dip in what you like!

10) Chocolate mousse

Whip up a pot of Double Cream and add melted chocolate to the mixture, carefully folding it in before allowing it to settle in the fridge for thirty minutes. Sprinkle shavings of chocolate over the top for an extra treat!