Meal Plan Monday (Starting 19th March)

I quite enjoyed joining in with the Meal Plan Monday last week, especially as it meant I didn't have to keep looking at the Fridge door (that's where I keep the weeks menu) to tell me what was for dinner! Again I don't tend to do a lot of different types of meals, I stick to plain cooking because for us it makes more sense both financially and I know everyone will eat it! Let me know in the comments what you are cooking this week, or even if you you plan in advance or go with what you have in the cupboards when you get hungry!


I'll use the Leftover Roast with rice noodles and a Chinese Plum Sauce I have in my cupboard to make a stir fry. I'll add in some strips of carrots, spring onions and some red and green peppers. It's a cheap meal, uses up leftovers and gives me the takeaway taste I crave!


Jacket Potatoes and Beans with cheese. I might have some Tuna and cheese with mine, I've got a can of tuna in the cupboard, but I'm not sure on what I might fancy yet! We are trying to eat Jacket Potatoes once a week at the moment to bring down the price of the weekly shop and also because who doesn't like Jacket Potatoes?!  I try to keep our weekly shopping budget to around £60 and that includes cat food and cleaning products. It works for us, would it work for you?


I'm off out getting my hair done in the Regis London Saloon and so I'm leaving Daddy at home with Big Boy. Daddy makes the best Gluten Free Pizza from scratch so I'm leaving it up to him. Hopefully he will make two and only one of them will have pineapple on!


On Thursdays Daddy is normally at work until quite late and so Tops, Big Boy and I sit together to eat our meal. We are going with things that Daddy can't eat due to them containing egg and wheat and this week they are having a Ham and Cheese Slice (I'm having Chicken and Mushroom) with Mash and steamed vegetables. There will be some form of pudding too but I'm not sure what yet. If Daddy does happen to be home on time this Thursday (there is a possibility he might be) then we have some Gluten Free Cornish Pasties in the freezer and he can join us!


We are going for Lasagne and Garlic Bread this Friday as it is a family favourite. I am cheating and not making my own sauces this week (it's a Friday, so I want to relax!) and as Top Ender is helping make it I need to make it quick. There will be a small amount of salad and if Daddy is late home it won't matter as everyone knows that Lasagne tastes better when reheated! I guess it means that I will be going shopping for the weekly shop tonight, so that Daddy can eat his dinner. We go on a Friday evening around 7:30pm, as we have found it's quiet and normally everything is in stock ready for the weekend rush. Plus it gives us the weekend to have fun together. What day you go shopping and at what time? Is there such a thing as a good time to go shopping?


Saturday is takeaway for the children and they just have a snack at night. In exchange for not having a takeaway, Daddy and I are trying to make something that we really like. We really enjoyed last weeks Wednesday evening meal of Steak and mushrooms so this week we will do it Daddy style and have beans and chips too.


My family love a good roast and I'm trying to come up with ideas for something other than the usual Roast Chicken, Beef or Lamb joint. This week I've decided we will have a Sausage Roast with Red Onion, butternut squash and sweet potatoes. I might steal some of the Sticky Sausage Roast idea and add a little honey but it depends on how I feel when cooking it.

And that is the Meal Plan for the week. If you have any ideas for something I could make as a roast next week, let me know!