Blogger Wedding Album

I was too late to the party with the Blogger Year Book, partly because I could never work our blooming Scanner and partly because I didn't want anyone to see how sweet I looked as a child, followed by the period where I think I was rebelling against fashion which went on until my Mum brought me a short skirt to wear to school. I wasn't very proud of my body as I thought I was fat, but looking back now blooming 'eck I was lovely. Anyway Tara has asked us to throw our Wedding pictures into the ring for a Blogger Wedding Album and seeing as I have all of them on the PC I thought I would jump in straight away.

I have posted a lot of pictures from my wedding in the past here on A Mothers Ramblings because to me and Daddy it means a lot. Getting married to each other is something we were both sure was going to happen right from the very first date and I'm pleased to say that marrying my best friend was the best decision I ever made. The picture I thought was the nicest to share in the Blogger Wedding Album was taken just after we were officially married and before we headed off to our reception. We didn't have confetti but we had bubbles and I love the way the light catches in them.
Bubbles on my Wedding day

I've been trying to think of a story to share that I hadn't shared before about our wedding day but all I can think of is how I stood too close to the car before going to the ceremony and managed to get a HUGE smear of car gunk down the back of my dress meaning the huge train had to be hooked up (there was an option for that) and couldn't be displayed. There were a lot of things that went wrong on the day and although I took each one as a personal insult on the day, now I don't care because it was our wedding day and all that mattered was looking into the eyes of the man I love and telling him so.