Bringing Focus To The Den

Despite having lived in our house for over five years we are still working on making it feel like a home. We created a Den area before Top Ender's birthday last year and we wanted it to be a real family area. Somewhere where the children could use the Touch Screen to play computer games or watch a film together. I wanted it to be an area where we displayed our art work, where the schedule is kept, where we could keep track of each other but it just wasn't happening. The Den kept being overcrowded with toys and books and we weren't using it how we had intended.

During the half term we spent a day sorting out the toys that are kept in the den, sorting through the ones that were broken or had parts missing and ones that weren't suitable for the children any more. It took us several hours, but Top Ender, Big Boy and I found that working together meant we got everything sorted and we had fun too. The Den is starting to come together but I think that what we really need to make the Den a family area is to decorate it in a way that reflects us, I've been looking on Pinterest and in home d├ęcor magazines but I haven't found anything that I like and so at the moment it is still decorated in the same Red and Cream that the Living Room is decorated in.

It wasn't until Daddy and I added the Blackboard Planner Wall Stickers to the Den wall that we saw the area really come together and it gave me the idea for decorating the rest of the Den and the dining area. I just need to persuade Daddy to do the grunt work for me. I left Daddy in charge of putting up the calendar, as it doesn't come as one large sticker but 36 pieces and I was nervous about keeping it in straight rows, but with a ruler, a spirit level and a pencil Daddy did a marvellous job putting it up and as he was still talking to me at the end of it I have to assume it wasn't too hard either.

Binary Box Blackboard planner Wall Stickers

We have the calender set up for March (you can move the dates around and there are stars and dots to personalise the calender more) and when I took this picture I hadn't put up our family activities or days we are celebrating up, but as the stickers are chalkboards it is really simple to grab a chalk and decorate the date squares and add days out, things we need to remember or a reminder to grab something on the weekend. After the telephone call from Top Ender's School asking me to take her violin to school today when she didn't need it, I think I'm going to be adding reminders of what needs to go to School on what day too!

We were sent the wall sticker by The Binary Box.