What was top of the charts when your child was born?

The divine Rosie Scribble (who confused me by putting her proper name on Facebook... at least I think it's her proper name) tagged me to find out what was top of the charts when Top Ender and Big Boy were born. I don't even need to go and check the charts because I know them both off the top of my head, but that would make for a very boring blog post.
My not boring Family
A random photo of my family at the park
So I had the song "Bright Eyes" as number one when I was born, (and if you want to find out more about that you can read the meme I did about my birthday here) and as we all know it is a classic song perfect for celebrating a child's birth. Oh wait. The song is about dying. Not so perfect for celebrating a child's birth. Welcome to the world Baby Pippa you're going to die but not of Myxomatosis because only rabbits get that.

Top Ender was born in 2004 and the number one when she was born was "Mad World" by Gary Jules so another depressing possibly death related song about how life has no meaning. Great. Welcome to the World Top Ender nobody knows who you are.

Big Boy was born in 2008 and the number one when he was born was "4 Minutes" by Madonna. Again another song about how everything right now is rubbish and needs to be saved (or possibly about a man about to explode). Which is kind of a good message but also a bad one. Welcome to the World Big Boy. By the way we've left you a mess to sort out...

I think I have tagged just about everyone I know in the last few weeks so if you'd like to be tagged let me know! Other wise let me know in the comments what was number one when you or your children were born!