Gluten Free Egg Free Banana Muffins

I'm slowly learning how to bake again now that I can't include wheat or eggs in anything I bake for Daddy. I've been thinking over recipes that I have read in the past, adaptations that I can make to well known and loved recipes and trying to think up new recipes too. I was pretty sure that I had read a recipe once where muffins were made with yoghurt and so I set about experimenting with Big Boy and made some really nice Gluten and Egg Free Raisin Banana Muffins for Daddy. This is what I came up with.

Gluten Free Egg Free Banana and Raisin Muffins


4oz Self Raising Flour
4oz Butter
2 Bananas
2oz Raisins
4oz Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
200ml Plain Yougurt
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Xanthum Gum


Mush the bananas and put to one side. Mix the other ingredients together, holding back the raisins and the banana. Once everything is combined stir in the mashed up banana and the raisins, try not to over stir the raisins as they can break up. Bake for thirty minutes at gas mark five and then let cool.

I think that they could have done with a little more time baking to give them a better and more even colour, but I was worried that they were going to burn. They tasted great and we are going to be making them again.