Meal Plan Monday

I see links to Mrs M's Meal Plan Monday's all the time. I read some of the posts that pop up in Twitter or my RSS reader and am always in awe of some of the meals that some people plan on making that week. It makes me feel stuck in my ways to be honest, but then I remember that I do what I know best, and somebody out there might find inspiration from my meals so this week I have joined in.
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Monday: Tacos. Everyone in our house loves Tacos and as the Discovery Foods Tacos are Gluten free it is even better and I get to think about Emma and Vic when we all celebrated Mexican Independence Day together!

Daddy eating Tacos

Tuesday: Jacket Potatoes. We were having it with the leftover chicken from the Sunday Roast with a lovely Sauce, but due to an accident (involving a cat and some forgetful behaviour) we aren't now. I guess it will be beans and cheese again.

Wednesday: Tops has a friend for tea so I will get them making themselves a pizza and it's Steak for us adults, with mushrooms, Chips and peas. It's the 14th of March I don't need to explain do I?

Thursday: Toad in the Hole. As Daddy works late on a Thursday night I can make it with "real" flour and eggs so it will be a proper treat for the children and I. The children will have theirs with beans and I'll have Sweetcorn! I might be tempted to make some hashbrowns, but it depends on my mood during the day.

Friday: Fish Pie or fish cakes. I haven't decided yet, but they basically use the same ingredients so it's not too hard to swap at the last minute. Since being part of Fish Is The Dish campaign I'm using a lot more fish each week which is good for the budget!

Saturday: The children have take away on Saturday lunchtime and Daddy and I have leftovers. On Saturday night I'm planning on having the Sausage, Apple Bacon thing Daddy made last week which was LUSH! I'll put the recipe up later this week in my Bacon post!

Sunday: Roast Chicken, with proper Home Made Gravy (I rock at this now), Roast Potatoes, Peas and Carrots with Pudding yet to be decided. I'm also thinking about adding some sprouts in.