Sunday Night is Family Night

Despite spending nearly all my time with my family it feels like I hardly see them and talking about this with Daddy we came up with a plan to increase the amount of quality time that we spend together as a family. We took a look at what we did during the time we had together as we knew that we weren't making the most of it and looked to where we could make changes.

The first thing we did was move our shopping day from a Saturday morning to a Friday night. Apart from my weekly appearance on the Saturday morning show on Three Counties Radio that meant we had all weekend to spend together. We love going for walks together in local woods or exploring further afield, we love to walk round the shopping centre where we people watch or play the £1 game or even hunt down the worst gift we can find for one of our relations.
Wrapped Gifts

We have great fun together and having that extra time on a Saturday was better, but there was still something missing. When we put the children to bed on a Sunday night we still didn't feel that the time we spent together at the weekend had been maximised or that it had rounded off properly, and talking it over we decided that we needed to make Sunday Night a Family Night.

For us the Family Night is on a two week schedule. One week we play a game together. It might be on the Wii (Big Boy is rather into Mario Party 9 at the minute) or a proper "old fashioned" board game such as the Monopoly board that one of Daddy's co-workers modified to be places local to us. All that matters is that we are spending some time together having fun. It's something that we look forward to and a great way to end the weekend.

The Second week we watch a film on the projector in our living room. For Christmas we brought four pairs of 3D glasses and we have a few 3D films that we are watching together, but we are also watching some of the films that Warner Brothers have sent us and our own collection too. It's like having our own private cinema and we are loving introducing Top Ender and Big Boy to films we remember from our childhood and to new classics too. 

Watching The Golden Compass on our Projector

For us making Sunday Night Family Night made the most sense, but it could be any night. The difference in the way we spend time together has made these Sunday evenings something we look forward to and something that I hope that Big Boy and Top Ender will remember when they are adults.