Six Fun Family Spring Cleaning Chores

With today being the first day of Spring it starts me thinking about Spring Cleaning! A little unusual when I could be thinking about Spring Lambs, Spring Flowers and my upcoming birthday but if you have read my blog in the past then you will know that I love Making Chores Fun and Spring Cleaning is perfect for this. Click on the links for the original posts, with a more detailed idea of how to make the chore fun, but here are my top six Spring Cleaning jobs to do as a family that involve a huge dollop of fun too.

Number Six

After the winter months it's good to be able to get out in the garden and to enjoy some sunshine. The only problem is our garden, along with a lot of the country's looks a bit neglected with the lawn needing a good mow. Luckily this is a great job to start off working as a family to do and whilst a grown up mows the lawn everyone else can have fun running around making sure that the grass is clean of sticks, stones, toys and everything else that gets lost!
The Lawn

Number Five

Our fridge is always in use and gets a wipe out every week when it starts to empty and before we fill it again with more food. I think that Spring is a good time to make sure the fridge has a good clean as I am sure there are some forgotten science experiments lurking in the back and a clean fridge is a healthy fridge!

Number Four

Now that we have an in car bin (Thank you Pinterest!) cleaning the car doesn't take quite as long as we don't have to fish about finding the discarded wrappers, half eaten biscuits and empty juice cartons. It's still fun to pretend to drive the car and to clamber over everything in search of buried treasure.

Number Three

There are so many ways to have fun cleaning the carpet. It might be playing hoover chase or hunt the dried peas or our personal favourite mountain climbing! Climbing the wooden mountain will take on a new meaning when you vacuum the stairs whilst pretending to be a mountain climber. Adventurous souls who normally don't get very far from home can climb the highest peaks known and all in relative comfort and safety.

Number Two

If you are going to wash the windows, make sure that you brush up on your noughts and crosses strategy first! Using window pens have a game before washing it all away, or maybe sketch out a cartoon. Having someone playing on each side of the glass makes things a little easier when it comes to washing it all off, just make sure you both agree to wipe in different directions!

Cleaning the windows

Number One

The chore that started off my love of making cleaning fun. Cleaning the Kitchen Floor is a huge hit with my children and those of some the playground Mums... although I still don't think they have forgiven me for having introduced this wet sliding fun. This works best with a large flat floor as sliding up and down a small floor isn't as much fun I've been told!