A Car Picnic

One of the good things about not being in School over the Summer Holidays is that it means that we can run chores and lend a hand here and there when it's needed. Like when my Mum had a dental appointment that she needed to attend, right slap bang in the middle of lunch time.

So we decided that what we would do was take my Mum to her appointment and have a picnic in a nearby park before we went back to pick her up. The problem was that as we dropped my Mum off outside the dental practice it started to rain. 

Really rain. 

Really really really rain.

So we decided to have a car picnic in the car park next to the Dental Surgery!

Top Ender and Big Boy eating a Car Picnic

The children thought this was great, especially as it was combined with watching a DVD on the DVD player that I had helpfully remembered to put in the car before we'd set off that morning.

Big Boy on a car picnic

Top Ender on a car picnic

The only downside to this was that I didn't get to watch the DVD too. I suppose, I could have moved and sat in the back seat between the children but then I wouldn't have been able to sit in the front playing on my phone!

So what would you want to eat in a car picnic? Me? I think I'd like a Chicken Salad or possibly Chicken Satay!