A Staycation With Big Boy

This morning, Big Boy and I saw off Daddy and Top Ender on their weekend of camping. Big Boy and I are too much creatures of comfort to go camping. If we were to go camping, we'd need to go glamping or get a much bigger tent. Daddy and Top Ender are quite happy to live for a few days in the pop up tents, but Big Boy and I like to be able to stand up without sticking our heads through fabric! After we had waved them off, twice as they forgot something and had to come back, Big Boy and I sat down to breakfast.

We decided that we'd spoil ourselves this extended weekend of our staycation, so I made pancakes and accidentally covered them in cream and sprinkles.

Pancakes covered in Whipped Cream and Sprinkles

After breakfast we watched a film together (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2), read a few stories in a book (Stories for Children), did a spot of colouring (various from a colouring book) and we did all this before Big Boy played a bit of Minecraft with our old neighbours (who now have the internet at their new home). 

With Big Boy happily playing with his Best Friend I quickly placed an online shopping order for some needed groceries (haha £1 delivery you are mine even if you are between 10 and 11pm!) and made a plan for the next few days.

I then taught myself to crochet (well reminded myself), made a quick Granny Square (well it's more a weird circle/square/rectangle) and finished off my new phone case type thing (pictures coming up!) all before persuading Big Boy that a walk to the local shop didn't need his scooter to come too.

Big Boy on his Scooter

I lost what we shall now refer to as Scootergate.

We had lunch, we took a selfie and now Big Boy is creating a monster for our science experiment a little later this afternoon.

So far our little holiday is rather fab!