Afternoon Tea

The children and I decided that one of the best things about the Summer, is that we get to spend a lot more time together doing not a lot. We've decided that even if we only do one thing a day, then we'll call it a successful day and we'll be able to happily move on to our next adventure. You won't believe how much money and stress this has saved me!

A neater garden ready for Afternoon Tea

After I had cleared some weeds and thorny type things from the back garden we decided that we should have Afternoon Tea (which we'd already agreed on) in the back garden and we set about putting everything out on the table.

Afternoon Tea

We had gone with several different types of finger sandwiches and little mini rolls, little sausage rolls and little sausages, plenty of fruit and veggie sticks, a lot of cakes and even some pringles. We decided to go with Chocolate and Strawberry milkshakes as our drinks and we all sat out ready to eat in the sun.

Top Ender and Big Boy having Afternoon Tea

It was a really simple meal, but one that the children and I loved sharing together especially as we haven't had Afternoon Tea together for quite a while! I think that we might have to add having Afternoon Tea to our weekly schedule, so who wants to join us?