ChargeCard ChargeKey #Review

One of the things that really annoys my friends is that I'm always prepared. Seriously, I am always prepared. For example, a couple of weeks ago I was giving a friend a lift home. Her phone needed charging, so I offered the in car charger that we have. She took one look at it and declined because the only wire in the cubby hole was for an iphone and adaptors for every phone apart from the one she had. I asked her to check out my house keys, as there was a cable on there that she could use.

Nomad Chargecard and ChargeKey

My friend was amazed. Firstly that I had a cable on my keyring and she'd never noticed it and secondly that I had a cable that was perfect for her phone! The cable was the ChargeKey from nomad which I'd been sent ages ago and have simply never got round to properly reviewing. I know slap my wrists now.

I love the Chargekey because it is always with me and is perfect for using in the car, on my portable charger and when I went away to see the Tour de France in Yorkshire, it was perfect for using in the back of the hire car when my phone decided it was time to die on me as I'd taken too many pictures of the beautiful scenery.

The Chargecard lives in my wallet. It's a little thicker than a credit card (sort of two or three cards stuck together) and the cable sort of folds out. I'm always really worried that I'm going to snap it when I use it, so tend to use the Chargekey instead.

The cables both cost £16 which seems a lot to me for a cable, but knowing how much I use them and how convenient it is I guess I can actually see the value of the cable for the price.

I was sent the items to review.