Top Hat Milton Keynes Theatre #Review

As I look back on my childhood, I realise that I was a really lucky little girl. My Mum had great taste in films and music and cultured me with it. I developed a deep love for musicals (and anything with Doris Day in has me glued to the TV) and for the Theatre and just the arts in general and so before I get on with this review I just want to say thank you to her for that.

Thanks Mum.

Now, one of the films I remember watching growing up was Top Hat. It had the lovely Fred Astaire in it, who taps across the screen and into Ginger Rogers heart after a few mishaps of course. It's the sort of perfect Sunday afternoon or rainy Bank Holiday viewing that families would enjoy together and nobody would be pretending not to watch through their fingers or with a parent on remote control duty having to edit out the swearing.

As it is back at Milton Keynes Theatre, I knew that my Mum would love to go and see the show and as a special Summer Holiday treat I thought that she could take Top Ender along with her, I mean my Mum did a great job raising me, so helping raise Top Ender shouldn't be that hard right?! So now I hand the review over to them, or rather to Top Ender as my Mum doesn't really understand computers...

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Mum didn't tell me I was going to the theatre. We went to dinner at a restaurant (Review coming up tomorrow!), and then my Mum and Gran started to walk back to the car but my Gran pretended she needed the toilet so we cheekily popped into the theatre to use their toilets but when we got in she took me to the press desk to pick up the tickets!

Jerry Travers is a dancer from America who comes to England to perform in a show and whilst he is practising a tap dance in his hotel room he disturbs the lady in the room next door called Dale Tremont.

Luckily I could see she is a girl because I thought only boys were called Dale.

Dale thinks that Jerry is actually her friends new husband and so even though Jerry has fallen in love with Dale she pushes him away for the rest of the show. Mum says I'm not allowed to spoil it, but there was a designer who also loves Dale and a butler who dresses up in lots of different disguises all to help Jerry win his girl.

I liked the show, it was boring in some places because there was a lot of talking and I'm used to more singing, but I recognised a lot of the songs because my Mum sings them when she does the cleaning and when she thinks nobody is listening.

Gran said that she really liked the show and that it stayed quite faithful to how she remembered the film, but she's old so she might have just forgotten. Don't tell her I said she was old!

We were given two tickets to the show.