Boy Craft Book #Review

Sometimes being a Mum to a boy is really hard. I don't mean that it's harder being a mum to a boy than it is to a girl I just mean, I was never a little boy and this is all new to me. I'm never quite sure if what I'm doing with Big Boy is right or wrong, I just pray, cross my fingers and hope for the best! Luckily, so far I don't appear to have messed up too badly.

The Boy Craft book claims that it has "Loads of things to make FOR and WITH boys (and girls)" and Big Boy and I had a read through the book picking out things that we thought that we might like to do, or in some cases that we had done in the past.

Boycraft Book Front Cover

It was actually pretty wicked. Especially when I got Big Boy finger knitting because the book showed him how to do it! We may have spent a disproportionate amount of time finger knitting since them, which is lucky as Top Ender has decided she likes the scarves and that they are perfect for accessorising herself with.

Top Ender's new finger knit scarves

The book has given me loads of ideas of things that Big Boy would love to do and with an an RRP of £12.99 I think that I might have to start buying a copy for all my friends who are the Mum to boys!

We were sent this book to review.