Tenderstem Around the World in 80 Ways Collection

A few weeks ago, Daddy had a week off work, this is unusual and whilst we did lots of fun stuff during the day whilst the children were at School, we wanted to make sure that the children, Daddy and I also had a good time together and so we decided that we should do this by eating our Evening Meals together all week, something which of course we don't normally get to do with Daddy being in Birmingham all week.

It was just by chance that we had been asked if we wanted to be part of the Tenderstem Around the World challenge and that the recipe card and vouchers had been delivered the same week that Daddy was off work. The first chore that Daddy and I took part in was going to the Supermarket and buying all the ingredients that we were going to need.

Now I like Broccoli, and I love Tenderstem (or Broccolini) because of it's flavour (a sort of cross between broccoli and asparagus to me) and the fact that you eat all of it. I'd been eating a fair bit of it in the couple of weeks before the challenge was issued to the family because of the whole Paleo eating plan (I really need to get back into that) and I had made some really lovely meals which you can see on my instagram feed if you feel like it!

Tenderstem is nice and bright green when steamed!

The children were excited about the bits that were sent with the vouchers and recipe card, some pens and plenty of placemats for them to colour in, complete word searches on and find out facts from. It was a genius idea and something I'm going to adapt somehow!

So we started the week with Italy, with Lemon Pork Meatballs.

Italy, with Lemon Pork Meatballs

And went to Spain for Paella.

Spain for Paella

And then to Asia for Sticky Salmon.

Asia for Sticky Salmon

And then Mexico for Fajitas.

Mexico for Fajitas

And lastly was Morocco with a Moroccan Chicken Tagine dish that I have fallen in love with. Honestly, the combination of flavours on this one was the clear winner for me and I may have dreamed about it once or twice.

Morocco with a Moroccan Chicken Tagine

All the recipes are available on the Tenderstem website and a lot more too, so pop along and find some recipes that you'll love and come and tell me which ones you love.

By the way, I also LOVE Tenderstem with beef on Pizza.

Tenderstem with beef

Tenderstem Pizza

We were provided with vouchers which paid for the majority of what we needed for the weeks food.