The Craft Box

As the children and I are part of the Bostik Family Craft Bloggers Network, every month we get a box delivered, lovingly packed by Craft Merrily and then the children and I start thinking what we can use the items in the box to make. Some months I look inside the box and know immediately, other months I look in and wish I was in Merry's head so that I knew what she'd been thinking we could create with the brilliant bits she has put in the package.

Bostik Family Craft Bloggers Network

This last box (actually the one before last because I'm running late) was one of those 2nd times.

I remember looking in the box and seeing some brilliant bright orange wool, some pegs, some foam sheets and various stickers and some other bits (pipe cleaners and glue and I think sparkly things) and basically thinking "Oh no! This is the month that they find out that the children and I have no imagination!". Big Boy dove in the box and fished out the bits he wanted and I put the box to one side, thinking I'll have a go with the children later... when I've had a think.

And that was the last I saw on the box.

Seriously. I have tore my house apart looking for that box and I can't find it anywhere. The children have denied all knowledge of the box, my husband claims that the box never existed and my house has never looked so clean. The thing is, I promised to do a blog post and the bits that Big Boy took whilst he made them into a great gift for Daddy, aren't all that exciting for a whole blog post and I think that Daddy may have accidentally have destroyed/thrown them away... nobody tell Big Boy okay?!

So I took myself to my craft drawers, at the bottom of the bookshelf and pulled out some foam sheets. I knew that they were in the box. These foam sheets have been in my draw for a while as I've been planning on making some stamps and Big Boy and I sat down and looked and thought... What can we make?


The windsocks are so easy to make, you simply take a sheet of foam, and stick the long sides together after having rolled it into a circle/tube and then stick shapes to the outside in what ever design you like. Top Ender decided to do a fish on hers and Big Boy decided a space theme for his. I added a handle (a strip of a foam sheet stuck on the inside of the rolled foam tube) and some tails to flutter in the wind and having put them in the tree I'm thinking I need to make a lot more as they are so pretty!

Foam Sheet WindSocks

What do you think? I think they are adorable and as they took a total of ten minutes to make they are crazy easy!

We were sent the items, apart from the bits that were from my craft drawers!