Dulux Bedroom in a Box - Want To See More Transformations?

One of the great things about the Dulux Bedroom in a box is that it only takes a few hours to transform a bedroom (or in my case Den) to be almost unrecognisable from what it looked like before... it's as if by magic that it is transformed! Dulux are showing off some of the Tots100 Bloggers room transformations on their website and there is also a chance to win a Merlin Annual Pass, which I could make good use of!

Dulux Bedroom in a Box Avengers As If By Magic Den Transformation

If you didn't see my original review post, then go and take a few minutes to read it and watch my video, I'll stay here whilst you do.

Whistles nonchalantly.

Are you back already? You did go right? Okay I believe you. On with the post.

The Dulux Bedroom In A Box website has all the details of all the different murals that you can get so you could get the Avengers one like me or one of the others (see the website for some transformations and an idea of what the end result will look like, you won't regret it!) and if you visit the website you'll also be able to get the details of how to enter that competition I mentioned, but it starts with buying a Dulux Bedroom in a Box box!

Now, who wants to come help me put one of the murals up in my bedroom?