Mexican Week - Fajitas AKA Night Four #Review


I LOVE Fajitas. Seriously I do, I love Veggie ones, I love Chicken ones, I love Steak ones, the Fish ones, the PUDDING ones (I'll put a recipe up at the bottom of this post, trust me you'll LOVE them) and my absolute favourite, the Fried Breakfast ones.

The children however seem to think that if you are going to have Fajitas there are only two or three things that can go in them.

Meat, Chicken or Fish.

Plus, you can't serve them with any form of seasoning, no matter how mild because as we all know seasoning is the quickest way to add any flavour to food and that is bad*.

So the fajitas I made for the children were a little... lacking.

Boring looking Plain nothing added Chicken Fajitas that my children thought were LUSH

How boring do they look? My fajitas which I accidentally ate before remembering I hadn't taken a picture of were red and green and yellow, with onion and peppers and chicken and huge dollops of guacamole (I LOVE ME SOME GUAC!).

It didn't matter though. The children loved theirs as much as I loved mine and we were all happily sitting at the table in the garden trying to look dignified whilst stuffing our mouths with the deliciousness that was dinner. We didn't succeed and I got a stain on my top from where mine spilt out!

Anyway, here's that Dessert Fajita recipe I mentioned.


Flour Tortillas for as many people as you are feeding
Cream Cheese or Squirty Cream
Fruit you like, I've gone for Strawberries, Blueberries and Raspberries as they were in my fridge
1 teaspoon of Sugar
1 dessert spoon of Dr Pepper (if that floats your boat, if not then you know don't use it!)


Spread some Cream Cheese on the one side of a tortilla. I prefer the top side, as then my counter doesn't get sticky. If you're using squirty cream, don't put this on until the end.

Take your fruit and cut the all in half, or bite sized chunks. 

Add the fruit along with a teaspoon of sugar to a saucepan and put over a low heat, stirring well. Add a splash of Dr Pepper as everything tastes better with Dr Pepper. This however isn't needed and will work perfectly well without it.

The juice from the fruit will turn syrupy, but that is fine it's what you want. Let the fruit sort of mush down a bit.

Fry the wrap creamy cheese side up for a few moments (to warm it up, make the cheese a bit warm), before slipping on to a plate and dolloping some of the mushy fruit on top of the Cream Cheese. Unless you're using Squirty cream, in which case heat the pancake up, then squirt and dollop!

Wrap as you would a savoury tortilla, and EAT!

Dessert Fajita

Get in my mouth good.

*So the children say. I happen to like seasoning. And spices. And you. I especially like you.

We were sent the wraps and the sauces and the seasoning which I didn't use by Santa Maria because they like people to eat Mexican!